Do you ever search for the THC or CBD content on a product’s package label? Have you ever recognized the list of cannabinoids and compounds present in the joint you’re about to light up?

With varying regulations and rules among legal cannabis states, cannabis testing has become an accredited requirement needed in order to sell and distribute legal products.

The Highgrade Testing Lab is one of the prominent cannabis and hemp testing labs in the country, offering numerous screenings and tests to ensure that your products are accurately tested for potency and safety.

Continue reading as we announce Highgrade Labs to the World! We’ll talk about our passion for analyzing cannabis, and why this matters the most in today’s thriving cannabis industry.

The Enduring Importance of Cannabis Lab Testing

Considering the growth of the legal cannabis industry, there are multiple different companies, farms, and cultivators that are a part of the flower and cannabis products you’ll find on today’s market.

Furthermore, among the many duties of being a legal and licensed cannabis company, these sellers are responsible for quality assurance in their product and verifying the purity and safety of the flower grown.

Individual State Lab Analysis Requirements

Each state’s cannabis board presents a list of requirements and tests all products must go through in order to be approved ‘safe for consumption’.

Those currently working in the cannabis industry may have a good understanding of the great scrutiny and supervision the standards of cannabis testing are under.

California, for instance, failed nearly a fifth of all state cannabis products in 2018 due to a series of reasons including pesticides, signs of moisture, microbial impurities, and other foreign substances.

Since then, many cannabis testing laboratories and companies across the country have pushed the urgency and attention of lab testing all products before being sold.

Lab Data & Product Development

Besides these state requirements, multiple tests are also typically run on cannabis products to test exactly what is in the product and if there are any harmful bacteria, algae, or other unwanted substances.

As the industry has grown over the years, the importance of lab testing cannabis and products has become undoubtedly clear.

Not only is this testing important to verify the consumer’s safety before using the product, but it can help the cannabis company gain valuable insight and data on their brand’s product and development.

At Highgrade Labs, we are proud to be a group of scientists and lab directors dedicated to the safety and accuracy of cannabis and hemp testing.

What We Test For (& Why)

Consider all the products available in today’s legal cannabis and hemp industries. With the abundance of pre-rolls, edibles, concentrates, and flower strains available to try, it is important that each product is tested for purity and accuracy.
No matter the product that is being analyzed, there are numerous tests that offer the data and certified approval for retail use and distribution. At Highgrade Labs, we are proud to offer the following tests for cannabis and hemp:

Terpene Profile

Analyzing the terpene content of cannabis strains is essential in understanding the aromatic flavorful profile behind each strain.

At Highgrade Labs, we are proud to be one of the only labs in the country that can analyze 42 unique terpenes in flower and concentrate products.

Cannabinoid Potency

Another important factor in cannabis testing and consumption – cannabinoid potency is helpful in gaining an accurate percentage of the potency or the strength and composition of the products.

At Highgrade Labs, we can identify 11 cannabinoids in each product tested.

Residual Solvents

In the extraction process of cannabis product manufacturing, solvent chemicals and additives are often required to be tested.

Some of these solvents tested include:

  • Butane
  • Isopropanol
  • Propane
  • Ethanol

These solvents are typically used in the manufacturing of concentrates.

Microbials & Mycotoxins

Like with all other plants and creatures, microbials, mycotoxins, and bacteria can often be present. Depending on where and how cannabis is grown, these bacteria can be more or less prevalent and difficult to combat.

At Highgrade Labs, our microbial screening analyzes any bacteria and organism’s presence that is above or below the standard for safe consumption.

Heavy Metals & Pesticides

As a plant genus, cannabis consists of three different species that are all known to acquire metals such as arsenic, cadmium, lead, or mercury throughout the plant.

Additionally, pesticides have become a quick way to reduce unwanted pests and bugs off of cannabis, while remaining extremely harmful and risky to the consumer.

Highgrade Labs offers pesticide and heavy metal screening to ensure that the products tested meet the standard of safety regulations required by the specific state. We also conduct R&D testing on nutrients and sprays to help cultivators make decisions which products they should use.

Highgrade Labs: Cannabis Testing You Can Trust!

At Highgrade Labs, we are a proud team of scientists and laboratory directors who are passionate about safe cannabis and hemp testing. We offer multiple different microbial and standard test screenings and services for cultivated cannabis and hemp flower products.
Throughout various locations in the United States, Highgrade Labs offers accurate data and cannabis testing analytics that you can trust.

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