Terpene Profile Testing

the emerald test


Terpenes are aromatic molecules responsible for the unique aroma of each cannabis product. The aromas and flavors we experience when we consume cannabis are thanks to terpenes, but more importantly, many of the medical benefits that patients experience are also due to terpenes.

Highgrade Labs is one of the only labs in the country that can analyze 42 different terpenes in the flower and concentrate products. We are able to test Flower, Concentrates and Infused Products.

What instrument do we use?
Liquid injection auto-samapler with GC-FID from Agilent Technologies.
What products can we test?
Flower, Concentrates, Infused Products.
Why is this test important?
The combination of cannabinoid and terpene profiles can contribute to the entourage effect. A terpene breakdown can serve as useful to patients looking to identify additional products with similar profiles and psychological responses.
Why potency isn't everything:

Many people believe that potency (i.e. high THC) drives the value of cannabis products, especially flower and concentrates, to consumers and patients. After extensive work analyzing over 30,000 samples, we at Highgrade believe that specific terpene profiles of cannabis products are the real drivers of physiological responses.