Learning About the Cannabis Testing Lab: Pesticide Toxicity

Similar to testing our food for chemicals and pesticides, our cannabis deserves the same attention, too. Unfortunately, due to the illicit federal status of the plant, many large cannabis operations are not enforced to regulate or test for the use of pesticides.  With no external agencies supervising this, pesticide toxicity is becoming a rising concern […]

Notable Marijuana & Hemp Terpenes: Farnesene

Terpenes are natural compounds in plants that hold distinctly significant aromas, flavors, and potential benefits. They work together with cannabinoids to influence the overall mental and physical effects created by cannabis and hemp.  So far, there are over 100 different cannabinoids and 140 terpenes identified – each holding their own unique properties and influential elements.  […]

What is Terpene Profiling?

Here at Highgrade Labs, our enduring aim is to expertly take all the guesswork out of cannabis and hemp testing. Proudly veteran-owned and operated since 2019, we are an ISO-accredited, multi-state cannabis testing laboratory.  We full-heartedly believe in the power of cannabis and hemp, as well as the incredible wellness possibilities contained within. We also […]

Highgrade Labs: Our NIST CannaQap Study Results

Our expert team constantly works to be on the cutting edge of science/technology, and ensuring that our measurement comparability and competency is the best it can be.  With that being said – we are excited to announce that during this past January, Highgrade Labs was proud to participate in the NIST-sponsored CannaQap study.  Keep following […]