Terpene & Cannabinoid Testing: Discussing the Entourage Effect

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At Highgrade Labs, we provide our clients with accurate terpene profiling, cannabinoid potency testing, and several other services to ensure precise measurements of what exactly is in their cannabis products. While there is plenty of thought and research that goes into these analyses, one principle must be at the forefront of our researchers’ minds during […]

Notable Marijuana & Hemp Terpenes: Ocimene

Terpenes are the natural compounds in cannabis that determine the flavor, aroma, and potential benefits. They work alongside cannabinoids to create the mental and physical effects of using cannabis or hemp. Researchers have identified over 100 different cannabinoids and 140 terpenes, each of which has its own distinct characteristics and effects. At Highgrade Labs, we […]

The Evolution of Industrial Hemp Testing

Like many foods and beverages we consume, testing the safety and compliance of hemp has drastically shifted since the illicit days. The evolution of industrial hemp testing has proven the hemp plant to be a widely grown crop; heavily regulated for its therapeutic value. In our previous blog, we discussed analytical testing in cannabis. In […]

A Guide to Cannabis Analytical Testing: What to Know

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Previously, we’ve highlighted the importance of CBD testing. In this blog, we’re breaking down a guide to cannabis analytical testing and everything to know about our process at Highgrade Labs. (Plus, why it’s crucial for your company!)    A Step-by-Step Guide to Cannabis Analytical Testing Considering the various ways people use cannabis, its important to […]

Cannabis Mycotoxin & Mold Remediation

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There are many factors that make it important for companies to test cannabis flower and manufactured products. Among them are mold and mycotoxins. These common contaminants hold many major risks to cultivators and consumers alike. Read on to learn exactly how mycotoxins and mold can be harmful, the cause of these fungi, and how powerful […]

Arizona’s Cannabis Compliance Testing: An Overview

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In November 2020, Arizona passed Proposition 207, a bill authorizing the adult-use cannabis marketplace as a build-off to the esteemed medical marijuana program established 4 years prior. By 2021, adult-use sales commenced at already licensed Arizona medical cannabis dispensaries.  With full cannabis legalization under Arizona’s belt, the state constructed an in-depth outline and overview of […]

Cannabis & Parkinson’s Disease

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A number of health conditions have become a widespread concern in this country. While there are plenty of FDA-approved drugs and medicine as remedies for these diseases, many are turning to the natural and therapeutic relief that medical cannabis potentially provides.  Parkinson’s disease (PD) is known to affect one to two people per 1,000 individuals […]

Learning About the Cannabis Testing Lab: Pesticide Toxicity

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Similar to testing our food for chemicals and pesticides, our cannabis deserves the same attention, too. Unfortunately, due to the illicit federal status of the plant, many large cannabis operations are not enforced to regulate or test for the use of pesticides.  With no external agencies supervising this, pesticide toxicity is becoming a rising concern […]

Notable Marijuana & Hemp Terpenes: Farnesene


Terpenes are natural compounds in plants that hold distinctly significant aromas, flavors, and potential benefits. They work together with cannabinoids to influence the overall mental and physical effects created by cannabis and hemp.  So far, there are over 100 different cannabinoids and 140 terpenes identified – each holding their own unique properties and influential elements.  […]

What is Terpene Profiling?

Here at Highgrade Labs, our enduring aim is to expertly take all the guesswork out of cannabis and hemp testing. Proudly veteran-owned and operated since 2019, we are an ISO-accredited, multi-state cannabis testing laboratory.  We full-heartedly believe in the power of cannabis and hemp, as well as the incredible wellness possibilities contained within. We also […]