Highgrade Labs: Our NIST CannaQap Study Results

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Our expert team constantly works to be on the cutting edge of science/technology, and ensuring that our measurement comparability and competency is the best it can be.  With that being said – we are excited to announce that during this past January, Highgrade Labs was proud to participate in the NIST-sponsored CannaQap study.  Keep following […]

Why is CBD Lab Testing Important?

All essential food staples are always tested for proper health and safety standards. The hemp and CBD products you consume should be, too.  Before anything gets dispatched to its expected retail destination, each item should be thoroughly tested and carefully inspected to ensure only the safest, purest products end up in consumers’ hands.  In this […]

Announcing Highgrade Labs to the World

Do you ever search for the THC or CBD content on a product’s package label? Have you ever recognized the list of cannabinoids and compounds present in the joint you’re about to light up? With varying regulations and rules among legal cannabis states, cannabis testing has become an accredited requirement needed in order to sell […]